Thursday, February 05, 2009

transform into new variable

The other day, a friend asked why I haven't been blogging much lately. It's true, though I have started posts and abandoned them several times over the past couple of weeks. What's happened since Midwinter?

I replaced XP with Ubuntu on my virus-infested laptop. Then I found out my wireless drivers don't work, so I can't connect to the internet. FFS! I swear something broke in my head when that happened. I have set this total clusterfuck aside until I have the time and mental stability to deal with it. Until then, I use ye olde craptop with the burned out battery and slow-ass processing.

Peter moved away. I had been in denial until I saw him walking toward me to say goodbye and I just burst into tears. It's not all sadness, though. He'll always be my friend and I can't wait to hear about his new adventures.

My mom's coming to visit me in two weeks. I'm really looking forward to it.

I watched a hockey game, in person. And the Superbowl, on tv. And a basketball game, on tv. I saw some mediocre sketch comedy last night. And read a pretty YA novel.

I got a haircut, with bangs. Now I'm thinking I need to get more of it cut off.

I've been spending even more time in my office lately. There's a lot to do right now, and it's easier to concentrate after 5:00, when my phone doesn't ring and email tapers way off. Sometimes I come home and just stress out over stuff I could be working on if I'd stayed at work longer.

Rick and I presented our research to the library faculty yesterday. I think it went well and it was fun to talk about it. I'm always so impressed with him when he talks about this stuff. I'm lucky to have him as my research partner.

Thinking about the research often makes me tired or anxious. There's always so much more to think about, cross-tabulate data, group results differently to show relationships. And it's nerve-wracking to think that our article is going to be reviewed by people who know so much more than we do about social science research. But then when I talk about it and answer questions, I get so excited and think that this is actually what I'm meant to be doing.


phoebe said...

What version of Ubuntu? Try upgrading if it's not the latest. That often fixes wireless driver issues. Does it work with ethernet, or not at all?

Mine broke when I first installed it too, and it was terribly frustrating. But I kept banging away at it until I got something to work and from then on it was actually pretty easy. Now I would never go back.

Kaijsa said...

It's the latest, or very nearly. I borrowed the disk from a friend, because my downloads were FAIL. I need to try it with ethernet, but I have been too lazy. Which is stupid, since my home office has ethernet and I could easily get off the couch and go down there.

I'm glad you've had good luck with Ubuntu. I know people are very happy with it. After switching back to Mac at work, I'm ready to ditch Windows for good, but can't afford to invest in new machines right now. This seems like a good option.