Monday, August 22, 2005

I'm suffering from insomnia, as usual. Do either of the two of you who read this know of a cure? This is becoming a problem and I'm not interested in sleeping pills. The only two times in recent memory that I slept well and woke up rested were my trip to Scandinavia last year and the week I spent at this correctly named resort this spring.

So, I'm packed and ready for my trip, and need to go to sleep so I can wake up at 4:00am to make it to the airport by 6:00. This checking in two hours early business is the suck. I'm starting to freak about not having a book to read on the plane. Well, I have Underworld, but it's so big and certain to be complicated that I don't want to drag it around when I can't give it the attention it needs. Maybe I'll bring Michael Reynolds' third Hemingway bio and the Pratchett I haven't been able to get into. Ooh, and I need to charge my ipod.

While I guess I'm ready, I'm not as pleased with my presentation as I'd like to be. However, I've read so much on my topic that I'm not worried about being able to speak coherently about it. I think I'm just cranky because I'm using powerpoint for the first time since I graduated. I always made funny presentations then, and it's kind of sad that this time I have to play it straight. SJ and I recently looked at the slides from presentations we made together and I still think nobody can top Dawson's Gigantic Noggin.


Kim said...

Melatonin works pretyt well, and there are other herbal remedies (is melatonin an herb--don't think so, but it doesn't react with the body the way sleeping pills do). Valerian root works for some and is totally herbal (but it stinks to high heaven).

If you're not into the pill thing at all, I've found chamomile tea to be pretty effective. And then there's meditation, which helps, too.

Anyway, I hope at least one of these things will be helpful for you. Insomnia sucks ass!

Good luck with the interview/presentation!

bosstweed said...

Chamomile really does seem to work for me. Once in a while alcohol, but I often find booze just makes my head spin while I can't sleep.

Good luck! I hope everything goes/went well!

Kaijsa said...

Thanks, both of you. I've tried Melatonin and it makes me sick, but Chamomile is worth a shot. I don't particularly like the taste but Splenda might help. Booze is a no-go as it actually keeps me awake. You are both awesome to help! Thanks for the well wishes.

Anonymous said...

I always swore by seconal an excellent barbituate. Easily dissolved in a spoon hardly any chalk residue & always felt refreshed & ready for the coffee & amphetemines in the morning. It is harder to get barbs now however responsible use of heroin is cool.
Good luck