Thursday, August 11, 2005

Okay, I am teh suck because I have not updated in eons. SJ smacked my hand today, so I have been schooled.

It sure is easy to get bogged down in the minutae of daily life and forget to stop and reflect on what's happening. The job search continues to move forward nicely. This morning, I got a call from a good medium-sized university in a cool city. We scheduled a phone interview for tomorrow, which I'm looking forward to. A few places have requested letters from my references, and I take that as a good sign. I've been pretty selective about the positions I apply for, targeting instruction jobs at schools with a committment to undergraduate education and libraries with teams of librarians. A solo gig sounds interesting, but at this stage in my career I think I'd like to learn from and collaborate with others for a while. I'm pretty social and like the collegiality of working with others.

Of course, The thought of moving away from this area, which I love beyond the telling of it, makes me a little sad. But I can't sit around here waiting for the perfect job to open up. It's starting to get exciting to think about moving somewhere completely new. Leaving Abbie will break my heart, though. She'll be better off with Nala and my parents than shut up in some apartment while I'm working, but I will miss her madly.

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