Friday, June 22, 2007

How I roll

Oh, hey, dirty red Pumas. I forgot I had you. The red shoes are just busting right out of my closet lately.

This week has flown by in a big, messy blur. How about some highlights and lowlights? Okay. (Aside: Dudes, I just had to add "okay" to my spell check dictionary. WTF? Are we not spelling things out in the age of lolspeak and l33tspeak?) Anyway, I'll let you decide for yourselves which of these are the highs and which are the lows.

I saw a movie in an actual theater. It was pretty good. I'm still mulling over how I feel about it.

Two days ago, I was walking to my car after work and in a v. good mood. I was wearing a dress and heels, and of course I was texting while rooting around in my bag for a lip gloss with the other hand. Not surprisingly, I caught my heel in a crack in the sidewalk and fell completely down. Now I have a scraped up knee and assorted bruises. Classic Kaijsa.

I made a mix CD this morning. It's pretty fabulous, in my expert opinion.

One workshop I led went really well, and I totally sucked in another.

I drank vast quantities of coffee this morning and could barely write legibly due to the shakes.

I've talked to/emailed with/texted with SJ several times this week, which is fabulous. I'm so happy we're in touch as much as we were when we were both in Sea-town.

A student totally busted me dancing in my office to "Standing in the Way of Control." I defy you to listen to the Gossip without doing same. Viva la PNW disco-punk!

Yesterday morning, some teenagers in a hydraulics-enhanced Chevelle hollered at me in my neighborhood, "hey mama, want a ride?" And while catcalling normally makes me cross, they were so friendly about it AND they were bouncing the car at the same time that it cracked me up. And it was a pretty rad car.

I have determined that the climate here is aging me. In defense, my water consumption is up to an all-time high. I've resorted to tap water at work. That's how serious I am.

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