Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Almost summer

Sunset view from my yard
Sunset view from my front yard tonight, 9:19 p.m. MST

On her way to other western places, my friend M. and her dad J. drove through Laramie and stayed with me for a night. In the 15 months I've been here, I've been lucky to have my parents and my two best friends come to visit, and the weather was beautiful each time. Both my mom and sister-in-law helped me move during the winter, so they experienced the snow and cold. If they hadn't, I bet my loved ones would have already stopped listening to me or believing me when I complain about the weather here.

Anyway, it was fun to have guests over and especially fun to have these particular guests. They made it from Seattle to Laramie in 28 hours, which included a couple of hours in Yellowstone and the Tetons. That's pretty much awesome. I took them downtown for dinner then back home where J. crashed and M. and I had cocktails and caught up. In the morning, there was more gabbing and coffee and breakfast out, followed by a trip to my office and a bit of campus and a little driving around town. Finally, we picked up more coffee and my two guests departed for the next leg of their journey. My one regret is that I didn't take more pictures while they were here.

After they left, I realized how nice it was to actually talk to other human beings on the weekends. I'm so social at work that I tend to kind of retreat into my own personal cocoon when I'm off. In the city I had more motivation to go do and see stuff on the weekend, but I don't know what to do here. Perhaps now that summer is approaching, I'll actually leave the house and socialize. We'll see.

The irises live to die another day

Speaking of pictures and weather, I finally remembered to snap the flowers of the resurrection. This spring, I was surprised with the arrival of tulips, daffodils, and irises in my yard. I don't remember them last year, so either they were dormant, or elves planted bulbs last fall when I wasn't looking. Anything's possible, as my yard does magically mow itself on the weekends. Okay, I know my landlord mows it, but I've only actually seen him do it once. Anyway, these poor spring flowers just emerged a couple of weeks ago and then were brutally snowed and hailed upon. In true frontier spirit, they picked themselves up and dusted themselves off, though. I kept forgetting to take pictures and finally ended up going out there in the semi-dark this evening. You'll just have to imagine the daffodils and tulips because I wasn't going to traipse about the yard in my pyjamas for too long.


John said...

Nice pictures! And I know what you mean about social during the week, not during the weekend. I don't go out all that much during the week, but I'm in a shared office and there's always socialization, whether I want it or not. Weekends are for coffee, movies, etc. (also Wii, of late.)

Kaijsa said...

At least you live with another person and aren't in danger of becoming a crazy hermit. But yes, I spend a lot of my weekends reading and watching movies.