Sunday, June 17, 2007

kill your television

Ever since I quit the cable entirely, I've been turning over my Netflix much faster. I thought about upping my plan so I'd never be without something. Then today, I discovered that my membership comes with an allottment of streaming video each month. Truth to tell, I don't really like watching on the computer. It makes me antsy, although I did enjoy being able to follow Veronica Mars to the end on the network website. So I tried the "watch now" feature, and tried out a couple of episodes of Coupling, which was kind of disappointing. I expected it to be funnier and not so...juvenile about sex. Whatever. The movies/shows I've watched this month have been mostly good: Vanity Fair, The History Boys, The Bourne Identity, Weeds (season 1), and Bright Young Things.

I thought I might spend some time outside now that the weather is so nice. The mosquitos have been terrorizing me, though. After a few hours drinking wine in a friend's backyard on two occasions this week, I have two dozen or so bites. Those suckers got me through my clothes and a fog of DEET. Maybe I'm tasty or something.

Another thing that keeps me from being outdoorsier is that I'm generally shod in impractical footware. So, no spur of the moment hikes or even long walks are really in the cards for me. It's not that I don't have any sensible shoes. It's just that they're hard to dress around because I don't do sporty well, even though I was once on actual sports teams and the whole nine yards. It seems so weird now. When contemplating a walk this afternoon, I looked at some walking shoes in my closet and grimaced, reaching instead for some teva flip-flops. I guess I'm going for incremental change. But my new silver wedge sandals are much, much cuter.

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LeslieB said...

I would recommend HBO's Big Love for your TV series DVD needs. Or try Heroes. The Loop is funny and is very creative w/ their non-expletives, I've adopted some into my own vernacular, even.

Or you could go classic TV w/ some 21 Jump Street!