Tuesday, June 12, 2007


When I made my traveled states map back in October '05, it looked like this:

create your own visited states map

One of my previously unvisited states is WY, where I live now. Just living here brings me to CO often. I also took a road trip through MT and ID and on a seperate trip, went to UT. A conference took me to MD. Here's where I currently stand:

create your own visited states map

It looks like Nevada will remain a giant hole in the west for a while, unless I go to LOEX of the West next spring.

I'm planning a trip to New Mexico next month, so I probably should have waited on this. Guess I get to inflict this on you again, especially after Midwinter in PA and possibly a drive to NE this summer for some dorky crafy shopping.

Edit: it really annoys me that the east coast doesn't show up. Although, it is kind of funny that my blog seems to understand that west is best.


CassK said...

Love this! Can I use your idea on the library blog?

Kaijsa said...

Of course!