Tuesday, June 19, 2007

more stuff I want to do and see

It's another pretty day and I wish I were sitting outside, drinking a margarita. Instead, I got a cherry limeade from Sonic and drank it at my desk.

cherry limeaid
May I have a sip of your tasty beverage?

Summer also makes me want to go to a baseball game. I wish the Rockies were in the same league as the Mariners so I could see them play here. They're not playing over Labor Day weekend, but the Aquasocks have a homestand against Vancouver. I didn't really think about baseball when I gave up on television.

You know what else summer brings? Lots of awesome shows. I haven't been getting to things in Denver because everything falls on weeknights and/or I have no available partners-in-crime. Anybody want to go to Silversun Pickups on July 30 or this show on July 31? Or the crazy delicious combination of Band of Horses and Modest Mouse on August 1? Also, how crazy is this lineup: Ryan Adams, Devotchka, Jessie Sykes & the Sweet Hereafter, Lucinda Williams, and Old 97's? Can we also talk about music festivals? Capitol Hill Block Party is probably out because I can't justify flying back to Seattle twice in one summer. I'm currently madly budgeting for Bumbershoot and Monolith, and now I find out about another awesome show! September is going to be bananas.


CassK said...

I am in like flynn for SSP and Monolith and Arcade F-ing Fire. Minivan Caravan stopping in West Laramie yo!

I wonder: Who's going to cover the ref desk that long week in September? ;-)

Kaijsa said...

Awesome! I already put in my vacation request. So, so excited.