Friday, January 23, 2009

Blue Scholars' Sabzi spins

This has been kind of a crazy short week. Between Monday off for MLK Day and leaving in the morning for Midwinter, I only had three days to get stuff done at work. In the best of situations, there's always more work to do than time to do it, but I managed to be fairly productive.

There was also some fun mixed in here and there. On Tuesday, we had the inauguration, of course. I watched the swearing-in ceremony on one of the tvs in the student union. That evening, I saw Irvin Mayfield and the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra at the Cultural Programs series on campus. It was great--they played for two hours straight with no intermission. I almost always like the artists this series brings to town, but jazz was a nice change from the mostly-classical lineup. Next month, it's modern dance!

Then on Wednesday, Blue Scholars played on campus. How could I miss a free show--in Laramie, no less--from a Seattle band who I know is good. There were at least 100 kids there, and they were all way into the music. I was pleased BS played my favorite of their songs, "North by Northwest." I did my share of dancing, too.

Tonight was more mellow, but still great. Dinner was at the Thai place, where we had summer rolls, a spicy beef and veggie dish, and a special, softshell crab in green curry. Tasty. After that loveliness, I got to watch The Office and 30 Rock before coming home to procrastinate packing by playing around online. So, I've had a pretty good week, even though I am a bit worn out.

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