Monday, January 26, 2009


This weekend was the most fun in Denver I've ever had. My schedule was pretty tight, and it got cold, cold, cold, but I managed to wedge in lots of friend time. Strangely for me, I didn't really take photos--just a few with my phone on a tour of Denver Open Media, and a couple of my friend Mark and me when we were sippin' on some whiskey here last night. We had a half-baked plan to see Meat Puppets at the Bluebird on Saturday, but that didn't pan out. It was probably a better use of my time to spend it at the LSW meet up and the Facebook librarians meet up. The latter was really two different groups at the same bar, but that was cool. It would have been hard to talk to a bigger group. I got to catch up with Linda and talk to Joe again, so that was fun. I only had a total of twelve hours of sleep in three nights, but it was worth it.

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